11 Honoré is a size inclusive e-commerce site that provides a first of its kind shopping destination for designer clothing sizes 10 to 20.

With a strong belief that anyone who has the desire to participate in fashion and express themselves sartorially should be seen, heard and included, 11 Honoré not only curates high end designer clothing in plus sizes, but also works hand in hand with top designers and brands to help facilitate the size expansion of their collections. By doing this, 11 Honoré is eliminating the formulaic faults of the fashion industry and re-designing its future to be more diverse and inclusive.

Through a groundbreaking product offering, exclusive capsules and elevated content and imagery, 11 Honoré is opening a world of fashion possibilities that was previously inaccessible to women size above a size 10, changing the industry paradigm to serve a previously overlooked market that is now being thoughtfully considered as an important part of the fashion conversation.


February 2019


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Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows