As one of the leading Chinese-style children's wear brands, AMELIEWANG specializes in new, Chinese-style parent-child clothing design and customization. The brand’s products emphasize sentiment and are inspired by sensitivity and warm-heartedness. With the new Chinese style as its core concept, the AMELIEWANG line integrates traditional details of Eastern culture into its designs, beautifully presenting a perfect blend of Chinese tradition and modernity. AMELIEWANG has always adhered to the concept of Keep Tradition Alive, redefining the consciousness of children’s ready-to- wear, combining Tradition and Current Trends, and setting a new industry standard.

Established in 2008 as a fabric supplier in China, AMELIEWANG successfully brought its distinctive product line to the Beijing Imperial Palace that year. Since then, the brand has become a trailblazer in children’s design and haute couture.

When Shanghai hosted its 2010 version of the World Expo, the Shanghai City Tourism Office officially recognized Amelie Wang as a key sponsor of one of the world’s most well known and long established events.

In 2015, AMELIEWANG, together with a number of highly-selected Shanghai designers, introduced Chinese Qipao (also referred as “cheong-sam”) at the fashion capital of Milan. Also in 2015, AMELIEWANG opened its first flagship store in Taiwan. In 2016, AMELIEWANG stores spread to other major metropolitan cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Tianjin. Later in ‘16, the enterprise was officially invited to present during Beijing Fashion Week shows, displaying the finest in children’s wear design and haute couture technique.

As the brand continues to grow, AMELIEWANG can now also be seen in Hangzhou, Chongqing and Xi 'an. At the invitation of 2018 Dubai Children’s wear Fashion Week, Amelie Wang achieved exponential international awareness in Asia and the Middle East.

This season, the design theme is "Journey to the East—the Dunhuang Diary," which was inspired by the uniquely beautiful flowers and vegetation of China’s Gansu Province, featuring animals, clouds, fire and aesthetic geometry. Decorative details from different regions are represented by the collection, which integrates classic Chinese elements with contemporary styles, presenting the blend from a children’s perspective.

These styles cross all boundaries. AMELIEWANG children’s wear features both traditional and modern designs, in this way bringing unique, lasting, valuable harmony to the world through fashion.


February 2019


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February 2018