Anniesa Hasibuan has long been ardently welcomed as one of the top Indonesian designers who boldly introduced Indonesia to the world. Her deep-root passion to Indonesia’s unique, vast heritage and amazing diversities, paired with vivid imagination of the world of fairy tales, has transformed. Anniesa’s creative energy into sophisticated and daring masterpieces.

Born Anniesa Desvitasari Hasibuan to Mother Atiek Suryani and Father Azwidarsyah Hasibuan in Jakarta on July 30th,1986,little Anniesa has always been fully supported by her loving family. Showing her talents in tender age of teens, Anniesa found her drawing hobby relaxing and invigorating.

What once started as a hobby has turned Anniesa’ world as many of her friends and family adore her designs. Starting with working line, Anniesa’s works soon expanded to elegant and luxurious Muslim-wear that stole audience’s attention during her debut international show in London. Focusing on glamorous and elegant designs, Anniesa combines her cutting-edge patterns with premium materials as well as sequin stones, pearls and lace. Those intricate, fairy-tale inspired designs become her signature.

She continues to explore the endless beauty of Indonesian traditional cultures and heritages as clearly seen on her latest collections such as Sasikirana, PearlAsia, Cleorora, D’Jakarta, Cosmoflo and Royal Paradise. From Indonesia to the world, that remains Anniesa’s motto in presenting her works to wider audience.

She then joined New York Couture Week in 2015 and 2016, as well as New York Fashion Week Spring/ Summer in September 2016, in which her works received eminent applause. She recently won the Award for the most intricate, artistic and creative couture fashion collection, presented at the GSF Awards Cannes Gala.

February 2017