52 years ago, the history of Vantan began in a small garage in Ebisu, Tokyo with active and progressive professionals with eagerness to foster budding artists and designers by providing useful knowledge, practical technique, and a new perspective in the creative industries. The concept of “design” wasn’t popular in Japan at the time. However, the founders were excited and strongly believed that those young students at Vantan would create a new era of “design”. It has been 52 years since then, and times have changed greatly. Vantan now provides a wide range of programs in the fields of creative arts: fashion, hair styling, makeup, cosmetology, graphic design, film, photography, game design, animation, manga, sound design, and culinary arts and so on. With more than 190 thousand graduates to date, we are confident that the Vantan’s unique school system as a corporate-oriented educational institution has been successful, offering educational programs, designated to respond to the shifting needs of the industries. Vantan has been constantly evolving in order to meet the needs of the times, yet one thing that has never changed is our belief in the ”POWER OF DESIGN”. Asia Fashion Collection by Vantan Inc is a global event supporting budding designers from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The event consists of aspects including "Competition" and "Incubation"; Participants compete to win a ticket to debut their collection at NYFW: The Shows and showcases the collections of competing designers at PARCO and international tradeshows such as Taipei IN Style to foster their business horizons. Asia Fashion Collection is moving forward toward further development in the fashion industry by discovering and incubating emerging, talented designers from Asia and providing them with the opportunity to showcase collections to audiences worldwide. 

September 2016