The name Beaufille translates to 'handsome girl' and symbolizes the contrast between masculine and feminine elements; the combination of hard and soft. Beaufille is a women's ready-to-wear and accessories brand founded in 2013, designed and created by sisters Chloé and Parris Gordon. The girls combine their backgrounds in Textile and Fashion design as well as Jewelry and Metalsmithing to create a line of luxury artisanal womenswear and jewelry.

Chloé and Parris were exposed to art, fashion and design from a very early age. Their mother is a fine artist who hand painted fantastical murals and decorative designs throughout their home as they grew up. Her love affair with fashion brought the girls to local luxury stores on a weekly basis, instilling an appreciation for luxury fashion design and artful clothing.

After high school both Chloé and Parris attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design – a storied conceptual art school in Halifax, Canada.  The school’s hands-on, from-scratch approach to creating product paved the way for the girls; instilling an attention to detail, craft and workmanship. Chloe completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts, major in Textile and Fashion design; Parris completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts, major in Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing.

After several years of experimenting with their skills, Chloé and Parris launched Beaufille in spring 2013. The name itself is juxtaposition, a nonsensical combination of French words that translate to ‘handsome girl’.  The brand focuses on the sisters combining their opposing personalities and aesthetics into cohesive collections of unusual harmony.  Beaufille is an exploration of merging opposing elements through texture, simplicity, minimalism, and subtle design details.

Chloé designs and creates the ready-to-wear collections while Parris designs and creates the fashion and fine jewelry collections. Beaufille is currently based and manufactured in Toronto, Canada. The label won the CAFA Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent, Accessories in 2015 and was nominated in the same category for Fashion in 2015 and 2014.

September 2017