GLOBAL FASHION COLLECTIVE (GFC), an expansion of Vancouver Fashion Week, is a platform
specialising in supporting creative designers by establishing their presence around the world. Launched
in October 2017, the collective is dynamic and liberating in that it produces exclusive runway showcases
in diverse fashion capitals across the globe, with the aim to accelerate the designer’s global
development, increasing their international media visibility and opening up new markets.

Fiction Tokyo
Since 2015 working as a fashion model, Monaca Nishi started the side project : ♡chat♡ for fashion accessories which soon developed into the fashion label "Fallin". In 2017 she establish the independent fashion label FICTION TOKYO starting with the 17FW collection. As a model and designer, the collections are infused with the influence of the city of Tokyo and its unique style.

Melissa Yin
New Vancouver designer Melissa Yin graduated from renowned LaSalle College Vancouver in 2017 to follow her childhood dream. She is now launching her leather-based brand “Melissa Yin” with 100% genuine breathable and pliable sheepskin. Melissa believes in wearable fashion that is comfortable, natural, and updated to inspire complete confidence.

Caroline Ann
Caroline has loved fashion and all things creative her whole life. In high school, she fell in love with the fast-paced world of business and ultimately chose to pursue a marketing degree in college. At 20 years old, she decided that although she loved the business world, a traditional business career just wasn’t right for her. Fashion design was the only thing she could see herself doing for the rest of her life. In the fall of 2014, she taught herself to sew out of her room in her sorority house at the University of Alabama. In 2016, she graduated summa cum laude from UA with a degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Fine Arts at the Savannah College of Art and Design in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. In the short time that Caroline has been designing, she has showcased a collection at Vancouver Fashion week, created a dress for a Fortune 100 company, and designed custom pieces for women from all walks of life.

WILDFRÄULEIN71 started in 2014. A strongly but transient beauty of women, and a courageous man by her side.〝The form makes the energy. And the energy makes the form.”

Kirsten Ley
Kirsten Ley is a Canadian fashion designer, born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. Ley is first-generation Canadian, with Danish and American ancestry. She specializes in one-of- a-kind couture works of moulded art, balancing structure with whimsy. She creates avant-garde and visceral pieces using unique materials which juxtapose structurally bound garments with the translucence of fervent, flowing silks, while exploring anatomic and structural details inspired by vintage and modern anatomy diagrams.

Kim Tiziana Rottmüller
Kim is currently studying Fashion Design in her 4th year at Polimoda, Florence Italy. Her design signature
lies in provocation through a feminine but also playful which stress and complete the main idea of the
concept that also provocation is beautiful, too, as well as the discovery of oneself through her design.
She pays a lot of attention that everything is connected in a coherent way, supported with a surrealistic

Niuniu Chou is a combination of contemporary Art and Fashion in the fashion world. His Collection is showing his magic ,rebelliousness and unique through exclusively cutting or his original painting into his fashion design with lace, tassels and embroidery. He expresses his collaboration between his art and his fashion extremely on the real beauty.


February 2018


September 2017