Indonesian Diversity in cooperation with Indonesia Fashion Gallery presents 2Madison Avenue, Alleira Batik, Dian Pelangi and Itang Yunasz. 2MadisonAvenue was founded by designer Maggie Hutauruk whose bohemian, artsy, chic style adds a modern fashion-forward touch using traditional Indonesian fabrics and are 100% locally made. Alleira Batik, one of the largest Batik retailers in Indonesia has successfully changed the perception of traditional batik into wearable pieces for the modern fashion lifestyle. Dian Pelangi is returning to the NYFW: The Shows stage bringing her popular modest fashion all hijabi looks to the runway with a fresh modern vibe and an homage to street style. Itang Yunasz, one of Indonesia’s prominent modest designers is known for using traditional patterns such as Batik, Ikat, tie-dye and songket to create stunning modest fashion looks that are fresh and inspiring.


February 2019


September 2018


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Photo by Yuchen Liao/Getty Images for Indonesian Diversity