The brand is based in New York and owns studios and stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou.

Jasmine glows in eastern and is widely accepted by western world as a typical green tea. The
philosophy of the brand is to live in a simple, fresh, clean, and friendly aesthetic world.
Environmental friendly fabric is used as possible as we can, such as organic cotton, natural fiber,
recycle used materials and reduce fabric waste. The designer is willing to try new fabrics like
pineapple fiber fabric.

The collection is mixed with eastern materials including jade, silk and western modern cutting
pattern making techniques to create women wear collection. Chinese traditional various
embroidery, Royal Jingtailan declaration techniques, European hand-crafted lace, the
perfectionist and elegant, New York urban city chic relaxing style can be found in these design
collections and fashion accessories.

One of chief designers Qin studied fashion design in Parsons School of design and Jewelry design
in Geological Institute of America in New York. She likes traveling and explores world traditional
culture so that she could implement those aesthetic details into her design. Her travel
experience and global citizen life style inspires her a lot in various themes collections.


September 2018


September 2017