Numan  Ataker  is  a  native  of  Turkey  and  the  designer  behind  the John  Paul  Ataker collection. His family worked in all  aspects  of  creation  from  tailoring,  fabric  development  and  pattern  making  for  a notable clientele looking for one of kind silhouettes.   These  formative  years  honed  his  penchant  for  design  while  developing  a  love  for textiles,   precise   cuts   and   draping   of   the   women’s   body. The  collection  has  been  featured  in  influential fashion  and  celebrity  publications  ranging  from  Italian  Vogue, W Magazine,  InStyle Magazines and People magazines.  Today,  the  John  Paul  Ataker  collection  is  made  up  of  curated  styles  with  design integrity,  a  focused  on  fit,  intricate  details  and  hand-sewn  craftsmanship  that  have made Numan Ataker a notable designer in the fashion industry.