Justin, Yu-Ying Chou, a graduate from the Domus Academy in Milan, followed his passion, launching Just In Case, in 2013, which showcases his vision of street fashion and philosophy of cultural diversity.

With Chou’s growing background in Taiwan and professional training in Italy and the UK, he incorporates both Western and traditional Oriental elements into his at-times, conflicting aesthetic. Bringing together the “East cultural bond with western structures” is a concept always evident in each new season’s designs, injecting refined, classic, and high-quality undertones into each look, demonstrating a unique, avant-garde character. Just In Case has been already popular among celebrities and stylists, and known as one of the most impressive and daring street style brands on the market. Named as Taiwan’s most rebellious designer, Chou, was selected into the World’s up-and-coming fashion talents by Ellefashionnow.com (2017), awarded ELLE’s New Talented Award (2015) and was reviewed as “The 18 wildest looks from New York Fashion Week” by Business Insider (2017).

Identifying a high street concept with classic crafting skills, Justin, Yu-Ying Chou, brings his unique vision to New York Fashion Week to launch his new label, Just In XX for Fall 2018.


September 2018


September 2017