Li-Ning is the Chinese leader in athletic apparel and footwear, rooted in the vision of its founder and namesake, the champion gymnast Mr. Li Ning. As a world-class athlete with 106 gold medals—and the nickname “The Prince of Gymnastics”—Mr. Li is a testament to the possibility of the human body. He founded the company in 1990 with the simple goal of providing Chinese athletes with a national brand to wear on the world stage of the Olympics.

This modest intention has, almost 30 years later, led to the rise of a global sports pioneer.

Residing at the forefront of 21st-century design and technology, Li-Ning remains grounded in its own sport heritage, exploring the tensions that exist between flexibility and strength, man and nature, past and future. Yet it is ultimately driven by the unlimited potential of the human form. “Our brand carries the genes of an athlete,” explains Mr. Li.

With a sharp eye on the international market’s shifting landscape, Li-Ning established a premium, streetwear range in 2017. Designed to unite sport with style and address a new, global audience, the premium execution of Li-Ning has offered a singular vision on the future of sportswear in its first two seasons.  Showcasing the brand’s storied past, unique Chinese point of view, and advanced technologies, this range continues to introduce the Li-Ning aesthetic to the world at large.

Focusing on global fashion weeks, the range’s first collection for Autumn / Winter 2018 was shown during New York Fashion Week: Men’s. The second range for Spring / Summer 2019 followed and was presented during Paris Men’s Fashion Week in June 2018.  The next iteration for the Autumn / Winter 2019 season marks the brand’s debut showing during New York Fashion Week : The Shows women’s schedule on Tuesday, February 12th.

As the brand’s premium offering grows, it will continue to showcase the Li-Ning brand’s global style influence as well as the collection’s ongoing, signature approach - contrasting western sportswear silhouettes with traditional Chinese details, remodeling classic shapes using innovative fabrics and manufacturing techniques to arrive at something completely new. Each piece is proudly Chinese yet designed for a global consumer. The result is a futuristic, authentic vision of Chinese heritage, informed by the culture of the street and made possible through the breakthrough innovations of Li-Ning.

The continued expansion of the premium range marks an exciting time for Mr. Li himself. As he explains: “After almost three decades, we are excited to leverage our intrinsic understanding of the athlete’s body and fuse it with an aesthetic and attitude that is deeply and uniquely Chinese—yet intended for all. We wish to define the space where sport and style overlap, with a vivid imagination and a quality that is world class.”