Matthew Adams Dolan

Born in Danvers, Massachusetts, Matthew Adams Dolan graduated from the MFA Fashion Design and Society Program at Parsons School of Design before launching his debut collection for Spring-Summer 2016.

Since its inception, the Matthew Adams Dolan world has been centered around the legacy and evolution of American dress. Taking cues from ideas of heritage and duality, it is a contemporary proposition of a new 'American Style' brought into the present through a global perspective and the use of exaggerated silhouettes, experimental proportions and forward-thinking craftsmanship.

In the turbulent political climate, he seeks to explore and challenge the American identity, mediating on what it means to be an American designer now, and how a progressive vision of America can be presented to the world through the subversion of traditionally American signifiers. This is reimagined as a modern wardrobe for an inclusive and celebratory generation.


September 2018