Established in 2006, NANA JUDY is a global brand from Melbourne, Australia.
NANA JUDY designs timeless pieces with a directional style, and are always at the
forefront of fashion for men and women.

NANA JUDY has set the boundaries of design aesthetic, innovation and quality,
creating premium streetwear for leading clothing retailers, department stores and
boutiques all over the world.

NANA JUDY is named after the designer’s great grandmother’s Dalmatian called
Judy. The designer’s great grandmother was a seamstress, designing and creating one
off individual garments for the famous in the late 60’s and 70’s.

NANA JUDY is inspired by the confident, carefree attitude of the young and free.
The collections stay true to their original legacy, yet pushes a new frontier like never
before. Built for the streets and designed for the progressive, by continuously
evolving each individual piece as a brand through exclusive fabrics, never before seen
elements and unique designs to provide you with something like no other. Like
always. Like never before.

Blending high quality with an underground edge, consumers look at the brand for
unique designs across apparel and denim. Always with an eye to detail, NANA JUDY
has a clean aesthetic with a strong focus on design features, trims and finishes.
Distinctive product and innovation has created a loyal following, however it is culture
that drives the brand’s world, immersed in art, travel and music.

Discover a new era - NANA JUDY


September 2017