We’re looking for talented fashion photographers to perform free-lance services for IMG Worldwide, LLC (“IMG”). This is not a contest or other promotion in which prizes will be offered. Rather it is an opportunity for photographers to display their talents and for IMG to discover promising artists. If you wish to apply, review the following submission (“Submission”) terms and conditions.

1. Eligibility
You must be at least 21 years of age and not subject to any contractual arrangements or legal restrictions that would prevent you from performing freelance services for IMG in the United States or elsewhere. You must have a valid passport and, if you are a foreign national, you must be able to acquire any visas that may be necessary to enter into and perform work in the United States or other countries. You must also have a valid Instagram account.

2. What to submit
Upload 3 fashion photographs of your choice via instagram using the hashtag #UNFLTRD. All submissions must be posted by September 7, 2015. You may post your three photographs only once. We will not consider any additional submissions.

The photographs you submit must be your original work for which you own all copyright interest. Your photographs may not infringe the copyright, trademark or any other rights of any person or entity an you must nevertheless have all necessary releases.

3. IMG Review
We will review all qualified Submissions and determine who, if anyone, IMG will offer a free-lance photography contract. Note: IMG is under no obligation to offer a contract to any photographer pursuant to this request for Submissions and may extend or shorten the Submission date at any time. IMG may request additional photographs or additional information from any photographer during the review process, in its sole discretion. If you are specifically requested to provide more photographs or information, you are not guaranteed to receive an offer of a freelance contract. If you are offered a contract, IMG will contact you to discuss the terms of the free-lance arrangement. Those who do not receive an offer will not be notified.

4. Copyright
You retain the copyright in the photographs that you submit. IMG will not make any commercial use of your photographs without your express permission.