Rosie Assoulin began using her grandmother’s sewing machine to experiment with pattern, texture and style as a means of exploring her identity when she was thirteen years old. Though young, she intuitively understood that the complexities and contradictions of life would not easily find expression through literal representations.

Over the next fifteen years, Rosie opened herself up to the extraordinary possibilities of design. She developed an encyclopedic understanding of fashion and the greater culture that contextualizes it. Her passion flows from an appreciation of the transcendent nature of beauty in all its forms, driving her to develop a visual vocabulary to express concepts that cannot be verbally articulated. She dedicated her time to honing her skills, initially under the tutelage of her mentor, and future mother in law, veteran jewelry designer Roxanne Assoulin, at Lee Angel. After a brief stint at Fashion Institute of Technology, she found herself at Oscar de la Renta in New York, watching the always-elegant Mr. de la Renta drape, cut, and pin his legendary designs. Later, Rosie sought out a life altering opportunity to spend time in the design studio of Lanvin in Paris, where she bore witness to Alber Elbaz’s pure, unbridled creativity, and unmatched design talent. After working under all three of her childhood idols, their imprint and inspiration would forever more inform her perspective and aesthetic appreciation, and, for that, she is eternally grateful and humbled.

For Rosie, all aspects of life are rich with beauty and meaning, and filled with the potential for boundless creativity and connection. Through her personal and professional experiences in jewelry, floral, and event design, she has found that every moment is an opportunity to cultivate her perspective. In late 2012, Rosie decisively turned back towards her first love, fashion, and her eponymous collection made its debut for Resort 2014.

The Rosie Assoulin design aesthetic toes the line between the romantically fantastical and reliably practical. This wardrobe that she shares with the world is a blend of sculpted ease and bold lines. As a mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend and designer, Rosie’s curiosity seeks to inform the ever- changing definitions and identities of our daily lives. Ever inspired by all of the roles people hold, she seeks to reinterpret the wondrous sights, sounds, and feelings we all encounter in life through her designs.


February 2018