Ruby Fang Haute Couture brand was conceptualized by Miss Ruby Fang in Paris in 2012. Through two years of preparation time, she traveled extensively through 20+ countries, searching for inspiration in the likes of the Louvre in Paris, the Uffizi in Florence, and the New York Metropolitan Museum, until she finally launched the brand in 2014. As a pioneering brand, we are devoted to creating designs that celebrate the prestige and fusion of Eastern and Western aesthetic styles.

With a double master degree in Law from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Georgetown University in the US, Ruby founded her own company, La Windsor and her haute couture fashion brand in Hong Kong after an ITEC course in the UK helped reignite her love of fashion. Determined to forge her own path as an entrepreneur, with advice from her Business Administration course instructors at Harvard University, Ruby set out to create unique designs that helped her express the innocence of a dream-seeking young girl in the mature world of fashion. Miss Ruby Fang, using centuried Chinese embroidery technique combined with the model cutting creating an unique style.

To date, Ruby Fang has made a splash in China with her charmingly girlish designs. In addition to being the first Chinese designer to show on the large screen of Times Square in NYC in 2016, she also has accolades from Guangzhou International Fashion week, China’s “Along the Road” Fashion week, and the Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant in New York City. She also was awarded as one of Bright Way’s “Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Hong Kong” in 2016.

Her designs have received considerable attention on several of China’s major television stations on variety shows such as “If You Are The One” and “Jing Dong Fashion Master.” on CCTV. Ruby continues to influence to date as the annual brand ambassador of Porsche in China and lectures on entrepreneurialism at world class universities like Beijing University and Columbia University.

At Ruby Fang, we believe that nothing is more wonderful than a girl who lives her life to the fullest. She creates, thrives, conquers and inspires. She is cunningly sexy and exquisitely strong. She dresses up every day, because she sees life as a feast!

At Ruby Fang, we design for a girl like her. We choose fabrics that enlighten her vibrant smiles and jewels that sparkle her shining eyes. We decorate pieces with ancient Chinese embroideries and world- class craftsmanship to make her style distinct.

We make our dress a magic piece. It is a shelter for her dreams and armor for her beliefs. It escorts her every step in the journey of pursuing her dreams. It brings out the magnificence in her so that she can reach out to all the thrilling possibilities.

At Ruby Fang, we want to tell every girl in the world: make your life a legend that is worth telling.


September 2018