SEMIR, always advocating that fashion derives from “heart”, aims to offer popular culture of fast fashion, featured commodity of high quality, fashionable experience of high cost performance and one-stop online and offline shopping experience for 16- to 36-year-old young people who are chasing fashion.  SEMIR with the spirit of constant reform and innovative thinking, tries to build an international and metropolitan brand image, and is com-mitted to becoming the most popular fast fashion brand among the new generation consumers in China.

C.J. YAO was raised in Shanghai, China. ‘C.J.YAO’ is a clothing brand named after the independent fashion designer CJ. Her attention attracted London Graduation Show of Central Saint Martins in 2012; she awarded the 1ST RUNNER UP of ASIAN YOUNG FASHION DESIGNERS CONTEST in Singapore Fashion Week in 2006 before going to London to study Fashion Design. ‘C.J.YAO’ has been highly recognizable with its consistent color block and adventurous color collision. Geometric and neat cutting style combined with kind of sporting street elements has broken boundaries of gender, age and occasion when thinking of clothes.  CJ’s self-joking way of expression has characterized her ‘unruliness and untrammeled’ understanding and redefinition of fashion. She always tries to achieve a balance between exquisiteness and jocosity while observing people’s life with her novel and unique point of view.


September 2018