THEATRE PRODUCTS was founded in 2001 under the concept that "Clothing makes the world a theatre". The label puts a spotlight on every single affair that happens in a fashion brand and focuses on them in their collection, exhibition, shops and events. Since the inaugural Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, Akira Takeuchi and Miwa Morita have served as co-designers.

Akira Takeuchi was born in 1976. After graduating Esmod Japan, he became the pattern maker for COMME des GARÇONS and later established "THEATRE PRODUCTS" in 2001. He is also an assistant professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design. 

Miwa Morita was born in 1979. She started up "ensemble THEATRE PRODUCTS" in 2011-12 A/W to design jewelry and accessories. She has served as the designer of "THEATRE PRODUCTS" since Autumn/Winter 2013–2014.

February 2017