Eva Xu is the founder and designer of All Comes From Nothing (ACFN). Eva earned her BFA from Tsinghua University’s Academy of Art and Design and her MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). In Chicago she was mentored by contemporary artist Nick Cave. After move to New York, she was as designer for fashion houses such as Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren for 5 years. In 2014, Eva founded ACFN out of a desire to create a more personal women’s wear line for creative lifestyles. All Comes From Nothing (ACFN) is contemporary women’s wear dedicated to women with creative lifestyles. All Comes From Nothing brings artist collaboration into minimal and urban shapes. Each piece yields to the individual, allowing her inner identity to shine. The ACFN woman creates for life. Fashion is an accomplice, not her calling card. ACFN has soon been picked up from major retailers globally and also featured in numerals press include VOGUE, BAZZAR, the Village Voice, etc.


Bytedance(TOUTIAO) is a leading mobile internet company who’s launched a variety of products, among which Toutiao has become one of China’s largest and major information distribution platforms. As of July, Toutiao has reached over 530 million users, with 51 million DAU and averagely each user spends 72 minutes in Toutiao per day. Bytedance has also launched global products in 2016, to deliver more curated content to worldwide users.


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