Buket Ozkalfalar: Creativity is a gift and it is an energy at the same time. All creative works need passion. She uses her creativity and passion for powerful, modern and sophisticated women who want to be stylish, elegant and sexy.

Buket was born in 1977 in Istanbul. She studied fashion design at ‘’Istasyon Art Institute Istanbul.’’ After her graduating in 1997, she worked for various Companies and Brands for more than 15 years and she became Creative Director of the local brands between 2003-2016.

In 2016, Buket launched her own brand, ‘BUKET OZKALFALAR.’’

Buket continues to provide consulting services and produces collections for local and internal brands.

The 2019-2020 New York Collection is inspired by ‘’KARMA’’.

Ece Kavran (URUN): Ece Kavran was born on 1989 in Istanbul, Turkey. Ece was exposed to art at a young age, thanks to her family’s provenues which led her to decide on her future profession from a very early age.

After graduating from Yüzyil Işıl High School, Ece moved to Florence, Italy to study Interior Architecture and Fashion Brand Management at Polimoda. After graduating from Polimoda, Ece moved back to Turkey and founded URUN, where she has been Creative Director since 2014.

Firat Neziroglu: Fırat Neziroğlu, was born in İzmir...He hasn’t noticed at that point, but sea was weaved into him. First he studied at schools… Danced… Weaved and weaved! Then he started working by unravelling himself, his aim was to recognize himself and the world by dancing, weaving and creating!

His cloth collections and art objects have been exhibited all over the world including, London, Munich, Paris, Seul, and New York.

Firat was invited to Oslo under the auspices of Norway Royal Embassy and to Thailand for the birthday celebrations of the Queen of Thailand in order to weave a special cloth for her.

And still; unravelled, academician, thinker, dancer, and a weaver, while weaving all of these to each other...

Gokhan Ildeniz: Gokhan was born in 1976 in Turkey. He studied fashion design at ‘ʼIstasyon Art Institute Istanbul.ʼʼ

Gokhan worked for various companies and brands since graduation and is known for his  denim design and finishing.

Gokhan founded his own design company in 2008 in Istanbul. He continues to consult as Creative Director for ‘ʼDenim Villageʼʼ and has operated his own designer store called, ‘ʼEkrou Boutiqueʼʼ in Izmir Turkey since 2015.

For his 2019-2020 New York Collection, he was inspired by ‘ʼAnatolian Nomads.ʼʼ Gokhan uses natural indigo and dyes, wools and sustainable wash techniques throughout the collection.


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