#WhatIf Fashion meets Sustainability?

September 9, 2018

Each season, fashion insiders head to New York City for the unveiling of new runway collections. From magazine editors to street style stars, digital influencers to celebrities, fashion icons have their eyes on the designer masterpieces that strut down the runway to reveal next season’s trends. 

But attendees are increasingly looking beyond the trends and exploring styles with staying power. Among these hot topics is sustainable fashion. As the concept continues to garner interest, designers are placing more importance on fabrics that minimize environmental impact to create styles with recycled or environmentally friendly materials.

With the fashion community abuzz with eco-conscious style, we’re asking this season: what if being fashion-obsessed led to being sustainability-minded?  

One industry pioneer leading the charge in the conversation around sustainable style is global textile solutions provider Unifi. Operating at the cutting edge of fashion and sustainability, Unifi developed a high-quality recycled fiber called REPREVE®. The fiber is made of 100% recycled materials, including plastic bottles that has turned yesterday’s waste into today’s latest styles. 

While this season’s fashion week lasts just eight days, a single plastic bottle can stay around for up to 1,000 years. Through their unique REPREVE fiber, Unifi is building its own fashion cycle—one that starts conversations and stops waste.  

What if you could incorporate this sustainable style into your designs and everyday wardrobe? Thanks to REPREVE recycled fiber, you can wear your heart for the environment on your sleeve—and in the rest of your clothing too. With 100,000 recycled plastic bottles, REPREVE can produce enough fabric to create over 33,000 pairs of jeans. Unifi brings sustainable dreams into wearable reality as REPREVE is being used by some of the most coveted fashion brands. 

This adoption of sustainable fibers is making a real impact for good. One fashion designer’s choice to use REPREVE can have a huge impact on the environment. If just one fashion brand demonstrates the power of a circular economy and converts 415,000 t-shirts in to 100% recycled polyester fiber can generate enough energy to power 51 homes or provides 630 people their typical daily drinking water for a whole year.

To date, Unifi’s partnerships with leading global brands have led to more than 12 billion plastic bottles transformed into REPREVE fiber—and saved from ending up in landfills or the ocean. In fact, chances are this high-performance, innovated fiber may have helped produce an item of clothing that you’ve designed or found its way to your own closet. Brands such as Fossil, Sherpani, Lane Bryant, Haggar, Roxy, Abercrombie & Fitch and others are designing clothes with recycled plastic, to reduce waste without sacrificing quality. 

Trends may come and go, but the conversation around sustainability and eco-conscious fabrics is here to stay. By supporting brands that champion eco-friendly products, we can all do our part to help the environment.

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