Why NYFW Is Going Pink For Day 01

September 6, 2018

By Alithea Castillo

Ruth Finley, 2008. Styled by Melanie McKenzie, Photo by Shoko Takayasu

Revered as a one-woman powerhouse, Ruth Finley was considered as one of the pillars of fashion who has contributed to organizing the Fashion Calendar for over 7 decades.

An icon in her own right, she single-handedly organized New York's fashion events into pink-sheeted calendars where designers and fashion insiders turn to her to keep up with the bustle of the Big Apple. Starting the Fashion Calendar in 1945 well before the CFDA was conceptualized 15 years later, Ruth Finley had painstakingly worked on the calendar by herself alongside a small staff in her Manhattan home whilst juggling a full-time business and being a full-time mother. Her contribution to the fashion industry is insurmountable and well-applauded within the community so much so that NYFW is going digitally all out in pink for day 1 of The Shows. 

The Fashion Calendar over a period of 70 years in it's iconic pink color. Photo by Orrie King

Ruth's publication - in its trademark colored pink so that it would easily be noticeable on a desk filled with clutter - has been regarded as a fashion bible amongst many in the industry and is still kept alive up until this day which is fulfilled by the CFDA on a new digital platform.

Highlighting her success and never-faltering dedication to the organization of the Fashion Calendar, NYFW: The Shows is paying homage and celebrating Ruth's legacy which helped shape the industry into what it is now.

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