CONCEPT KOREA is a collective of three designers:


For the spring/summer of 2022, EENK imagines a world beyond reality in 'U for UTOPIA'. The past is within the future and the future is within the past in this collection of poetic dreams made of pastel hues and vanguard craftsmanship. A burst of popsicle colors and playful ornaments bring us to a strange and beautiful world of imagination where childhood memories, idyllic nostalgia and futuristic optimism co-exist. Be free to explore and be well in the unexpected yet sweet future imagined by EENK.


In Spring/Summer 2022 collection, NOHANT elevates the signature "brunch look" in order to secure its own presence. Inspired by the designer's imagination in which family and friends members of NOHANT go out for brunch after their own morning routines, S/S 22 collection embraces that simple everyday wear meets athletic comfortability. The brand illustrates its effortless morning routine in NOHANT's signature modern preppy aesthetics by using neutral colors and the seasonal main color green and utilizing pleat details in cotton, linen, and cashmere.


ULKIN 2022S/S CONCEPT NOTE “Everlasting” A collection that upcycled the things that we create, and throw away indifferently for the brightest moment of our lives. It instills new values and solves the problem of how not to throw away. ​ The wedding dress, the main material of this 22S/S season, shines at the drop of a hat and quickly turns into waste. About 1.7 million wedding dresses that are abandoned in Korea for a year, mostly three to five times, are out of fashion, faded, and eventually discarded. In addition, many clothes are consumed for too short a moment, and they are upcycled and presented with Ulkin's sensibility so that things thrown away after that moment can shine again.