The MARRISA WILSON NY Spring 2022 collection takes a look towards the future through the lens of the 1960s Space Age and the spirit of Motown. Drawing parallels to the Space Age amidst the back drop of the Cold War and the Civil Rights Movement to today through technological advances post Covid and the continued fight for social justice, Black Lives Matter, and gender equality. Bold geometric seaming and silhouettes are cut against emotional, gestural, print hand drawn and developed by Marrisa. Bold, stimulating and powerful burst of red are a key feature of the collection, balanced with cool blue to balance overwhelming emotions and changes in society. The colors spark a sense of optimism and hopefulness. This collection tells this story in a new, wild, digital age in order to ensure that Black people, women, and women of color are able to have access in participating and shaping what the future can look like. ​


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