In 2012, designer Sienna Li came across an aged tree with wandering roots in the pages of Discovery magazine and was seized by its haunting narrative beauty. Not yet a seasoned dress maker at the time, it took Sienna over a hundred hours of pattern-making and sewing to create a gown with 3D textural details mimicking the curves of the tree with its elegant trunk and meandering roots, soft yet forceful. For SS22, Sienna Li returns to this inspiration from a decade ago with a sophisticated collection of sculptural hand-stitched organza and satin gowns in enchanting hues of blush pink, cool sea foam, and sweet cornflower that calls to mind the hidden waterfalls, blooming flora and leaf-refracted sunlight on forest floors. ​ Spirits of the forest come alive through Sienna’s anthropomorphic lens, and the collection is aptly named Dryad, for the tree nymph of Greek mythology. She aspires to honor the beauty of nature, man’s first inspiration and enduring companion, and muse for epic fantasies.


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