BOBBLEHAUS 菠帮屋COLLECTION 04 The lily 百合 flower, pronounced as bǎi hé in Chinese, ​ has been considered a symbol of clarity, good fortune, and happiness. They’re special because lily flowers die, re-flower, and die again, signaling a new life, and blooming. Similar to a lotus, as a lily emerges from water or the soil and its bud begins to open, it symbolizes the cycle of life. Shared among close friends, families, and lovers, we chose the lily as the symbol and motif throughout our BOBBLEHAUS 菠帮屋 Collection 04. ​ ​ The entire collection is meant to be layered, and mix & match, with endless combinations. Staying true to our core, it’s a seasonless and genderless collection, where all pieces can be added and subtraced with ease. We continue to discover deep parts of ourselves, and share with the BOBBLEHAUS community, as a way to become closer. The lily百合 is ​ representative of us, and our HAUS. We’re in constant stages of new life, and stages of blooming.




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