De_caffeine homme

​ De_caffeine homme 2023 S/S Concept. ​ "Emerge" ​ We repeated the process of rearranging clothing categories from an unbiased perspective. ​ ​ We focused on disassembling, rearranging, and combining different outfits, leaving only the best of the design. ​ Through this operation, the invisible part was exposed to be placed on the surface. ​ ​ It plays a role as an object by putting the detail of the pants on one side of the jacket and shirt as an asymmetry, and provides a more unified look when wearing the pants of the set. ​ The long coat, which was developed by cutting the waist and combining the pattern of denim pants, shows the function as a jumpsuit by fastening the fasteners at the bottom. ​ ​ Using formal jacket material, denim material and silver chain, formal and casual mood coexist in one outfit. ​ ​ Gorgeous bags that mimic the shape of the jacket's front hem give formality to casual summer outfits.


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