The concept of Mission Z Mars fashion comes from our understanding of Mars, Mission Z ​ hopes to lead the era of Mars. Mission Z Mars Fashion hopes to create a civilized society ​ belonging to human beings in outer space on Mars, including fashion, metaverse social and ​ gamefi.


Following in the footsteps of SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, the mission Z group will be unwavering ​ in its commitment to colonizing Mars and making humans a multi-planetary species. Looking ​ forward to a self-sufficient city on Mars in 20 years.


At the same time, the mission Z group hopes to be able to deploy in various fields of Mars City. ​ Design source of Z fashion: Fashion in the Enlightenment of Elegance "Space Age"In the ​ 1960s, the moon landing plan, which represented the highest level of human science and ​ technology, once aroused a new "futuristic" style in the fashion circle. Since then, the fusion of ​ fashion and technology has affected groups of people.


With the continuous development of the aerospace industry and the continuous changes of ​ fashion aesthetics, we have integrated more elements into fashion, ushering in a more diverse ​ and richer era of "space fashion".


The "space department" looks that seem to transcend the times all show people the huge ​ imagination of the concept of wearing in the age of technology, whether it is technology or ​ fashion, it is precisely because of the yearning for "space", it is precisely because we have for ​ Space is still so poorly understood that it is so fascinating.

The unknown is always the driving force behind Mission Z's curiosity and fascination with ​ beauty and its constant exploration.



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