Shivajothi is a gender inclusive design label that was created by local Sri Lankan Canadian designer Sujitha Shivajothi. It was always important to me that my label embodied the fluidity of garments. Growing up borrowing clothes from every member of my family, I envisioned creating a label that mimicked a large closet that anyone could shop in. It always puzzled me why clothes were gendered and I wanted to steer away from that notion.


As a child, I was fortunate enough to watch my mother sew, and mend garments; this instilled the importance of sustainability and longevity of clothes. With thorough training from Sheila Wong Fashion Design Studio and Blanche Macdonald, I was able to explore the world of design and develop my design esthetic further. I was constantly inspired by the impeccably tailored garments my father owned combined with the beautifully pleated and beaded sarees my mother wore. I always wanted to find a way to unify how East meets West, which is what I believe Shivajothi strives to accomplish.

As my knowledge of fashion grew, the importance of slow fashion and quality fabrics became undeniable. I want my pieces to be timeless and go beyond what is currently trending. By shifting the focus to quality and sustainability, it ensures the longevity of the products from Shivajothi. It is vital that Shivajothi embody the artistry of design; with every detail meticulously thought out.

The products of Shivajothi are designed and handmade in Vancouver, BC, Canada.



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