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"Is That All There Is?” --- Peggy Lee

With SS23, we explore how we find meaning in our lives, lest we become complacent. To believe that there is more. The search for meaning can often feel elusive because it neither happens to us passively nor can it be engineered. In this existential search, there is a pragmatic path before us: we have to build meaning with what we have. And to do that, in style and in life in general, we need the right tools to do so; it is both a mental and creative endeavor.

The wearer will find and create ways to give SS23 pieces meaning; the collection probes us to see beyond a long skirt, a sheer top, or a blazer—and beyond the shades from a color wheel. It encourages us to discover what happens when you merge a smart and curious mindset with your clothing.

More is always there…you just have to know how and where to look.


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