“Rebirth and Regeneration” is a strong yet familiar theme this season, one of self exploration and introspection. Reconciling new and progressive ideas with her roots as a couture designer, Wish Deo continues the conversation from the previous season. To reinvent yourself without losing your sense of self is to come full circle on a higher plane. Mushrooms are a recurring theme in the collection which signify the cyclic nature of life and also of transformation through growth.


“The Themes of Rebirth and Regeneration are expressed through repetition and continuity.


“Metamorphosis and Transformation” are examined through the Japanese art of origami and the fascinating science behind mushrooms, while butterflies and cocoon shaped silhouettes take us further down the path of self-discovery. Like a flower opening its petals to the world, the collection is revealed through layers, pleats, ruffles and chain progressions. The textural and repetitive quality leans in to the existential realty of recurrence while the creative aspect itself deals with evolution within recurring themes.


“Unlike the fairy tales they are often associated with, here, Butterflies and Mushrooms are totems for the existential reality of rebirth and renewal”


“Organic and Hybrid” elements harmonize together to create a new age romanticism, a signature of the VISHRUTI ethos. The collection mixes sporty ensembles like sweatsuits and dresses in sustainable bamboo fleece with dressier white tie offerings. Combining both aspects is the Origami dress, a sheer/solid paneled silk charmeuse creation trimmed with baby soft rib-knit. Artistic director, Wish Deo, ​ once again creates a custom print this season, a Pop Art inspired odyssey of mushrooms offered in knit and woven silhouettes.


“The palette of glacier like shades of blue and sorbet like shades of pinks and reds lend a translucence and transcendence that adds complex dimensionality”


Grounded with monochromatic neutrals, especially notable is the black sweater cardigan with swirling chains. Custom Italian fabrics include a tech-y cellophane wrapper like acetate blend, a coated chambray and a double faced wool lending a striking futuristic quality to trench coats, trench inspired dresses and overcoats. Double- breasted blazer-vests and pinstriped trousers with delicate ruffle details make this collection a versatile option from day to evening and everything in between.



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