About the Collection

“Full-blown Flowers” JUZUI draws inspiration from Eastern elements, particularly the blossoming peony, a flower rooted in the East and celebrated in poetry. Employing expressive and artistic techniques, the brand depicts the peony on exquisite garments, resembling a blooming spring garden with a myriad of peonies in full bloom. In “Blossoms Shanghai” , it is said, “Silence is not the loudest.” Yet, the blooming peonies cultivated by JUZUI insist on making a vibrant statement. With dazzling colors and outstanding craftsmanship, the brand’s originality from China resonates loudly on the stage of New York Fashion Week, creating a captivating spectacle. Carrying the fragrance across the ocean, JUZUI continues to script the legendary tale of the East’s influence on the Western fashion scene.

February 2024