Started by Henry Zankov in 2019, the brand emphasizes the use of bold color and patterns, energizing easy and simple everyday clothes, executed in luxurious natural fibers and materials.

Each collection builds upon the brand’s adventurous graphic lexicon. The core of the brand is very much inspired by art, architecture, sport and the street. Exploring a genderless and an easy way to wear knitwear, silhouettes are simple and elegant yet iconic, intended to be shared and cherished.

Precious, natural fibers are juxtaposed with technical specialist knitting techniques and various visual surfaces. Luxurious brushed alpacas, high-twist viscose crêpes and stretch merino wool are key yarns realized in horizontal knitting, ultra-fine jacquards, and intarsias. Quality and finishing are paramount; the inside of each garment is just as important as the outside.

February 2024