3ZM is a Han Chinese clothing brand found by Zampano Lin, lan Wang, and Leon Tang in Beijing, China. This brand aims to promote Chinese traditional clothing culture. It uses the modern manufacturing technique and design to present the most purely Oriental Aesthetics.

Yang Lu is the designer and the owner-Principal for LUYANG by YANGLU. Since the brand’s establishment, it has been praised by domestic and foreign buyers. In addition, this brand also participated in the Beijing Fashion Week, Shanghai Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week. Its distribution channels are spread over more than 30 cities in China.

LUYANG by YANGLU represents a type of living style. This brand’s designs mainly use geometry, bright colors, and interesting design concepts as ways to portray the infusion of functionality and color aesthetics. With this design start points, LUYANG by YANGLU is able to achieve the quality urban lifestyle in order to provide women with independent values in modern cities with style dress from inside-out.

The inspiration for this show comes from the Chinese medical classic book, Compendium of Materia Medica. In this show, 3ZM corporates with YangLu to present the integration and interaction of different time, space and style are embodied from two perspectives and expressive techniques, which is also to interpret the Oriental Aesthetics in their different respective eyes.


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