CAAFD​ (Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers) is a charitable organization founded through a collaborative effort by a few key pioneers in the fashion industry. Its primary goal is to back designers who aspire to do business in the United States by unlocking the tightrope, which in turn offers the opportunity for emerging talents to join the close-knit circle of the global fashion industry.

Every season, the Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers (CAAFD)​ handpicks some of the finest talents in the global fashion industry. The CAAFD wouldn’t be letting their followers down as it has made no exceptions to its reminiscent culture this season. The stage is set with glittering runways for the best unveiled and curated brands to watch as models cruise through in elegance. This season, CAAFD is once again partnered with IMG and Pier59 Studios in presenting its handpicked, approved, and unique designers for various showcases scheduled for September 4th through 12th, 2019.

Like every other season, but this time with intense style and dreaded elegance, the CAAFD, in collaboration with iFashion Network, unveils a group of distinctively emerging brands from various parts of the world. These brands hand picked through a rigorous selection process for the main purpose of maximizing exposure of few talented emerging brands. These designers will be showcasing their intriguing designs at the scheduled CAAFD Designer Collective Shows. ​ The showcase will be featuring various emerging across-the-globe designer brands including Moon Chang, Sweta Agrawal’s A Humming Way, Farida Tamraz’s Tamraza, Maria Sonia, Kadri Klampe’s Yufash, and Phoenix Ba.

Moon Chang:​ A New York-based young and emerging designer brand, Mon Chang has been picked by the CAAFD to showcase its brand at the CAAFD Designer Collective Showcases. Moon earned her MFA as a first cohort degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2019. Trained efficiently at the Institute and emerging the first prize winner, her works were featured in Vogue Italia, L’Officiel, Modernism Magazine, Schon, Bullett, Alpha, Flawless, IM, Yoko, WWD, Zinc, Neu Neu Media, Notes, and Yahoo, to name a few. The S/S 2020 collection, “Hybrid Beauty” would kick off with Moon Chang’s personal story featuring her PTSD experience, a compulsive moment of death. By this situation, Moon was shanghaied into “being cute,” dub for the tendency of revisiting one’s childhood. The cuteness in “being cute” could speak from its major elements of couture that included ribbons, ruffles, and flowers. These elements have been used for years and are inherent Moon’s traditional style of elegance as she uses these silk and velvet to mold flowers and ribbon foldings, consequently producing a perfect blend of the 17th to 18th-century couture and the modern version as a hybrid. All product came out romantic and dark, as well. Clear evidence of dark romance.

Moon Chang​ is one of the few designers chosen as part of CAAFD ​ IM’Possible Challenge Program. A program designed to empower and motivate recent graduates in the fashion industry.

A Humming Way:​ While many superlatives come to mind when describing entrepreneur and curator Sweta Agrawal, elegance and classy aesthetics are the closest. The CAAFD Collective Showcase​ will feature the great designs inspired by rich Rajasthani heritage. Sweta is passionate to create designs that appeal to the strong and confident Indian woman. The seeds of a career in fashion were sown in the formative years where she felt a lack of craftsmanship and detailing in main fashion. As a teenager, she often designed her own clothes and that is where the fascination took the next step. Travels to exotic destinations exposed her to international trends adding to the lure and formed the building blocks for A Humming Way.

Farida Temraz’sTemrazastands out as one of the hand picked CAAFD emerging brands. Her collection features Haute Couture, women’s ready-to-wear, evening wear, and bridal dresses. Ms. Temraz is the youngest Egyptian designer to successfully participate in the London Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week twice and the first Egyptian to win the First-Place award among 15 International designers in Paris Fashion Week; “Best Female Couture Designer” in the 2017 New York Fashion Week; and the 2018 Egyptian “Best Designer of the Year.” In the past years, Temraza​ has quickly made its mark in the international fashion community. From Country Music star, Carrie Underwood at the CMT Artiste Awards to Temraza pieces seen on the red carpet at the Oscars, Grammy, Emmy’s, SAG Awards and many others, there is little wonder why this brand has become popular among celebrities and their fans. Ms. Temraz graduated with a BA degree majoring in Integrated Marketing Communications, and double minoring in Business and Psychology with a prepared Master’s degree in Fashion Communication. She has completed a course on “Leading and Motivating” with Harvard Manage Mentor thereafter, introduced fashion for the first time ever at The American University in Cairo under the name of “Temraza Fashion Studio,” which have achieved great success.

María Soniawon the hearts of the CAAFD selection jury, her work speaks for itself. ​ With an older sister who is a designer and younger brother a writer, She was drawn to fashion at a very young age but made her debut in the industry after she finished college and got her first job in the fashion world. Over the years, she worked for several national brands, organizations that she considered the best schools from where she gained hands-on experience in cutting, sewing and designing fabric prints. She won a contest in a very important fashion company where she worked as an assistant; she competed with 19 other participants and her designs emerged as the best, which is why she was promoted to the designer of one of the lines.

With support from her family, she became independent and eventually, she presented her collection inspired by her root at the S/S 20. She strategically merged the art of handmade crafts such as Nanduti (spider web in Guarani), Encaje Ju (Needle lace) and rustic handmade laces that are the heritage of Guarani culture transmitted from generation to generation, with contemporary fashion, combining fabrics and textures in perfect harmony, giving them pastel and warm gradient tones. At the CAAFD Collective Showcase,​ she aims to have the world stare at the glamors of her interventions as the plissé pleats and other pleating techniques take center stage in this capsule that aims to transmit the evolution and empowerment of women. The collection is based on the Hand Made, fusing native fabrics with others such as Gaza, tulle, organza, taffeta, using technological processes, achieving a perfect combination of the autochthonous and the contemporary to haute couture. At her latest exhibition in Madrid and runway show at the Paris Fashion Week, all the dresses were exclusively made of these fabrics, in that way she also takes a bit of Paraguayan history to every corner of the world.

Kadri Klampe is an Estonian-born, ​ founder and designer created Yufash​ as a unique and forward-thinking brand made for the confident and powerful women of the world, with all garments fabricated exclusively in England. Founded in 2015, Klampe and Yufash have since experience skyrocketing popularity, including having designs featured on the hit television series Scream Queens. Yufash​ is one of the few designers chosen as part of the CAAFD’s incubate/nurturing program, returning for her second seasonal showcase after her previous career-defining CAAFD showcases.

Phoenix Ba:​ Toronto-based fashion designer, is specialized in women’s formal, occasional, and evening wear will be featuring at the CAAFD Collective Showcase​ with inspiring designs from the heart of Canada. Surrounded by fabrics, needles, sheers and chalks, Phoenix was raised by her parents who were pattern drafters and tailors of uniforms and suits. The passion of drawing beautiful dresses and fabricating them for wearing was implanted since then. For this reason, Phoenix pursued her fashion design and technique education at George Brown College, where she also discovered her tremendous interest in surface textile. With study and work experience in Asia, Europe and North America, Phoenix observed the historical and cultural differences that she integrated concepts and elements from the world to the fashion designs that demonstrate humanistic solicitude. Combining aesthetic judgements and technical skills, the designs are presented as a means for self-expression that each garment has her own story and characters. Phoenix Ba​ aims to think-outside-the-box and creates elegant and timeless womenswear with creative designs, variegated non-conventional materials and surface textile techniques. The line focuses on femininity, passion and confidence and contains one-of-a-kind outfits that suit women from different cultural backgrounds with different voices and attitudes.


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