Global Fashion Collective is a platform supporting creative designers from all around the world. The collective produces runway showcases in different fashion capitals with the aim to accelerate the designer’s global development, increase their international media visibility, and open new markets. By presenting its designers in front of international media and buyers globally, Global Fashion Collective is an expansion of Vancouver Fashion Week.

Japanese designer Michiko Ueda, founder of GLAZE KOHL, launched the brand in 2018. Her background is in vintage clothing having run an American vintage store in Osaka, Japan from 1997. She has over 20 years experience as a buyer and during this time she encountered many wonderful fashion pieces which has influenced her in creating her own designs. Her experience in physically handling high-quality garments of different eras has instilled in her the desire to infuse fine details to create new styles.
The design aesthetic of the brand is ‘Chic’, envisioning a charming lady in a monochrome world. You will find a Chic wardrobe in her closet, you will find GLAZE KOHL.

XUNRUO熏若​ is an independent design brand founded by twins Xun (Chen Dan) and Ruo (Chen Ying) in 2011 in HangZhou, China. Curiosity about the world was the driving force for the designers to create XUNRUO. Adept at discovering small but beautiful things in life using a childlike innocence to explore and create, Xun and Ruo integrate art and design and create a dialogue between the present and the future.

The designers studied in Italy at the ISTITUTO MARANGONI school and obtained a Masters degree in Fashion Design.

In 2014, They won third place in the Chinese Designer Entrepreneurship Competition.In 2018, the S/S collection ‘I SEE THROUGH YOU’ was presented at Shanghai Fashion Week and Dubai Fashion Week. The same year, they were rewarded the ‘Fashion Pioneer DesignerBrand’ and ‘Fashion Pioneer Designer’ at the China International Silk Expo.In 2019, they were awarded the ‘Fashion Influence Designer Brand’ in POSETIME FashionWeek.

XUNRUO’s design aesthetic has a romantic expression, full of unlimited imagination. The twins’ understanding and interpretation of the world are expressed, exploring the true heart behind fashion glory.

Jessica Chang is a Taiwanese, comfort-conscious women's occasion wear designer who never fails in being genuine and authentic with everything she creates. Jessica Chang Studio​ aims to absorb all that is inspiring and beautiful from nature and inject this into tangible, wearable garments. Jessica is no stranger to finding meaning and stories and infusing them into her designs- beautiful garments with beautiful stories that are sure to inspire.

Her collection showcases a mix of bold and mystifying colors, forms, and curves, silhouettes familiar to the subconscious yet exciting visually, and textures that are alive and full of movement. This homage to nature combined with Jessica's innate design aesthetic takes a runway show to church, the elegance, the opulence, the reverence.

Jessica graduated from The New School, Parsons, where she was trained in Animation, Illustration, Fine Arts and found her true love for Fashion design. ​ After receiving her BFA in Fashion Design, she was chosen to represent Parsons for the Supima cotton competition. As well as showing her senior thesis collection in DesignNow: The collective runway show.

Jessica is a part of the Supima cotton family, she became a finalist of the Supima Design competition in 2018. She showcased her first collection in New York Fashion Week at Pier 59 with Supima. Since then, she has continued to showcase her collections in Paris Fashion Week and Vancouver Fashion Week. She had also worked with multiple well-renowned magazines and photographers. Her work has been featured in Harper's Bazaar China, Marie Claire, Dazed Korea, WWD, etc.

Before her design career, she was an active participant in the fight for Human Rights for all people. She is a former participant in the Global Issue Network, spreading awareness of human rights issues, and fighting against human trafficking.

Mankind has been intricately involved with clothes since ancient times. Sometimes it is a tool to protect and adapt to the natural environment, sometimes it plays a role as a symbol of origin and social hierarchy, and sometimes it is an expression of thought. HAMON​ considers the various roles of clothes and works to express the relationship between spirit and clothes.

Vancouver based creative Peter Zuk of HAUS ZUK​ takes a more whimsical approach with his designs. He reaches back to his past in the Cosplay community and love of video game culture to create fantasy-esque creations that always retain a child-like characteristic. With his love of night-life and entertainment, he draws a heavy amount of inspiration from Drag Queens and entertainers alike.

His love for fashion evolved into a full blown brand with the help of Blanche Macdonald’s Fashion Design program in Vancouver, where Haus Zuk​ was created. After graduating, Peter began his mentorship with Vancouver’s esteemed local designer, Evan Clayton to further refine his skills.

Haus Zuk is a Vancouver based design collective that is more inclined to break down masculinity in menswear and focus more on the sultry side of mens’ fashion. The most recent of his work was his debut collection, “OVERDOSE!!!” a fan-favorite and electrifying opening to Vancouver Fashion Week’s Sunday show slot. The collection turned Haus Zuk from an under-dog to a trailblazer in the LGBTQ2A+ community. With a slight nostalgic nod to childhood cartoons, he used hyper-sexualized silhouettes to create a shocking and taboo runway collection. By using bright colors and challenging textiles he was able to retain the puerile feeling to an otherwise scandalous collection.

Milano, Buenos Aires and Santiago of Chile have been witnesses of the formation and evolution of Maria Pia Cornejo​ in the fashion industry. Deciding to exchange classic and conventional designs for patterns that break schemes, her true inspiration is innovation and futurism. Her collections have been published and highlighted in important international media.

Maria’s latest collection was presented at Vancouver Fashion Week achieving outstanding recognition by VOGUE UK and different magazines around the world. Her new ‘ALMA’ collection  will be presented in September with Global Fashion Collective at New York Fashion Week.

AC•HOUSE​ (AC: Art and Culture) is a luxury fashion brand established in Australia. Producing ready to wear and custom made garments for independent women, AC•HOUSE​ shows a sense of power, minimalism and female idiosyncrasy.

The inspiration of AC is based in Art and Culture. Ready to wear designs from AC House show a unique beauty and strong characterization. The wearer feels comfort and elegance. Cutting, proportion, and colors come together to create the vision of AC House, evoking the designers’ aspiration and taste. AC•HOUSE shows a ‘Rebellion in Grace’ through the vision of Fashion Design.

Lily Liu, an independent Chinese designer, born in 1987, currently lives in the ancient capital of China, Xi'an. Lily graduated from Music College, majoring in Stage Play and Opera. From 2009, she brought her creative skills into working exclusively in fashion design. From 2016, whilst living in Australia, she established the fashion brand ‘AC·HOUSE’, which transforms the conceptual exploration of sound into a physical presentation of fashion. Life is like a drama, which is both grotesque and gorgeous at the same time, and full of imagination. All art styles are based on self-expression, and all expressions are compromised between oneself and loneliness. As an advocate of gender equality, Lily hopes that her fashion will grant women the power of independence and elegance.


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