Indonesian Diversity proudly presents four luxury ready-to-wear and evening wear designers who will highlight the beauty and richness of Indonesian design and culture. Indonesian Diversity is a platform created by Indonesia Creative Hub to promote Indonesian Designers on a global stage and has been presenting top talent from Indonesia on the NYFW: The Shows platform for over 6 seasons.

In 2012, Maggie Hutauruk Eddy decided to start her own Creative/Design Studio and Art Gallery named 2madison This name represented her hope that one day she would be able to bring creative products from Indonesia to Madison Avenue, NYC, her favorite Avenue. Maggie Hutauruk-Eddy was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, but spent a total of twelve and a half years in America, and it has become a second home. Under the 2madison Avenue​ label, Maggie continues to collaborate with painters, street artists, illustrators, designers and crafters on making a variety of creative products including fashion, furniture, home-decor, and more, but fashion is the core of the brand’s focus.

Marina Christyanti or Ayumi is a fashion designer and owner of Ayumi​ Fashion Brand, a brand for woman located in South Jakarta, Indonesia. Marina was born and raised in Tokyo, May 30th 1981 and has three sisters. She made her debut as a fashion designer in 2011 because of the love for fashion and her childhood dream to be a tailor. With black, earth tones, and pastels as the core colors of the line, Ayumi Fashion Brand has developed a reputation for offering seamlessly tailored pieces.

Julianto​ is an Indonesian fashion designer making a name for himself in Southeast Asia. In 2017 he ​ earned his degree from Istituto di Moda Burgo in Milan, Italy, and mastered both fashion design and pattern making skills. Julianto​ is most known for his unique and intricate beadwork and evening wear. Evening wear is the heart of the brand. The pieces are all adorned in exquisite embellishments and romantic embroideries and every single piece is custom-made by hand with couture craftsmanship.

Yogiswari Prajanti, a designer “on the rise” from Indonesia, is known for her very unique, colorful iconic female illustration characters that tells stories of Indonesian live through fashion. Her career flourished after joining APPMI (Association of Indonesian Fashion Entrepreneurs Designers) in 2014. She debuted her designs at Indonesia Fashion Week with the theme "Painting the Universe,” and it was so well received it catapulted her career. The designer’s use of digital printing techniques on fabrics, fun, colorful design and character illustrations that tell stories about her experiences of seeing the world are hallmarks of the designer’s aesthetic.


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