JAHNKOY is a multidisciplinary artist, craftivist, cultural fashion designer, Originally from USSR, (Siberia), Russia JAHNKOY moved to NYC and is currently based in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. JAHNKOY approaches fashion as a Craftivist Art Practice and utilizes it as a powerful platform for change. Through her work, the artist aims to raise questions and public awareness about sustainability of fashion system, loss of artisanship and cultural traditions, and disunity of mankind and racial inequality. Her practice is a multi-faceted art project that incorporates fashion design, textile art, performance, crafting workshops, and community gatherings. JAHNKOY continues to present her idea of cultural sportswear that blends traditional artisanship with modern technology. Her work is a body of bold, powerful visuals that speak to social and political concerns and commentary of JAHNKOY. The goal of artist’s work is to restore traditional craftsmanship and revive global cultural heritage in the contemporary landscape.


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