Mark Gong is a New York based designer who, in 2015, founded his eponymous label, Mark Gong Studio. Looking to mirror the silhouette of an independent, unconventional woman, his brand actively embraces creativity, grace, and comfort. His designs are simple, yet sophisticated; quiet yet distinct.

Currently, as a student at Parsons: The New School, Mark Gong draws on fashion as a medium to convey his vision of life, history, and culture. Within just three years he has managed to create four seasonal ready-to -wear collections, all while managing and growing his business.

Mark Gong originally landed in California a mere five years ago to attend high school. During his time there, the school did not provide internet services to assure students focused on their studies. With little connection to the outside world, and with limited fluency in the language and culture, Mark felt as if he were thrown into isolation. He spent day after day in his small paneled room, deep in thought and introspection. The school, with all of its rules and regulations, suffocated his creative side, pushing him to look elsewhere for the source. It was during this long dark period that it dawned on Mark to lean on clothing and design, as an expression of his emotions. He began with simple sketching and remained in constant search for inspiration. It was there, in the vast outdoors that he found true solace and ingenuity. Soaking in the natural beauty opened his mind and horizon to a colorful future with dancing silhouettes.


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